The name Egotrips came up for the very first time in the year 2001, when a group of befriended graffiti artists started to offer wall paintings as remittance work under the name Egotrips Crew (or rather calling themselves the Egotrips Crew. Combining those two terms - which may seem to be conflicting - is based on the idea, that independent and self-determined behavior is best possible in the surrounding of a supporting group. Besides that, Egotrips is meant as persiflage on the often declared, but non-existing individualism of our times.  

What started as a rather loose group of friends was established as a company in 2004. Widening their range of work into the field of graphic design, the Egotrips bureau for visual communication was born. One year later the first graphic arts were printed on T-Shirts, trying to carry their messages and aesthetics out into the world.

Some years and a lot of screen printed shirts later, the clothing section had become an inherent part of the Egotrips activities. Since 2012 Egotrips Clothing is now an official part of the Egotrips Empire. 

Having their background in graffiti, street art and the DIY-culture, the community and crew thought has always been – and will always be – an important element of the Egotrips philosophy. Believing that supporting each other is the premise of creating something better and bigger, the leading idea is:  YOU DON'T HAVE TO FUCK PEOPLE OVER TO SURVIVE. 

Being interested in arts, music and photography, Egotrips is continuously trying to form a network of artists and creative people that mutually push their causes forward and help each other out - Because friends are the family you chose.